Time Attack

ISSUE 5: April - June 2013

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A Long Way To The Top (cover story)
Master mapper Dave Rowe has an ambition to take part in Pike's Peak. That's why he's built this stunning Evo IX that’s featured in this month’s eight-page lead article.

A round up of the latest Evo-related news, covering new products, services and lots of other interesting stuff.

A list of UK dates covering: MLR trackdays, driver training, MLR Sprint Series, Shows, 30-130 and Time Attack events.

To kick off the season ahead, we’re offering evolution readers the chance to win a fantastic Meguiar’s G220 polishing kit.
Highly respected tuning guru Susumi Koyama - former president of Jun Auto - now heads up Koyama Racing Labo and has again raised the bar with his latest offering.
MLRSS Preview
A look forward to the seventh season of the MLR Sprint Series. Sponsored by Pace Ward once more, this year’s series features seven rounds at seven different venues.

Written by the providers of the official MLR insurance scheme Pace Ward, this article talks about the reforms of the ‘no win no fee’ culture that has been prevalent in recent years.

Sud’s Law
Ahead of the show season, evolution magazine has teamed up with Meguiar’s for a series of features on how to get your car looking its best. No. 1: Washing bodywork, wheels and tyres.

MML Sports
An update from the team who brought Mitsubishi the World Rally Championship title four times in succession, with a feature on its new Daventry premises.

Magnificent Sevens
A tale of two Evos: Logan Black talks about his new sprint car - an Evo VII GSR built for one purpose only: speed, while the boss of AP Tuning Gary Hayward talks about his highly modified creation.

Run What You Brung
How to get started in Drag Racing. A step-by-step guide of what to do if you want a cheap fix of motorsport in the car you use on a daily basis.

Taken To The Xtreme
When you have done all you can with Evos and Supercars, there’s only one option left: build a car that combines the two. John Kirkham tells us about the X1.

Mr Evo
A look back over the past 18 years with the man who introduced Evo and Ralliart in the UK, developed the X1 and, together with Peter Collinson, created the most prominent supplier of Evo parts in the country.

Time Attack
As Time Attack prepares for its eighth season, Championship Director Glen Horncastle looks forward to the year ahead and why the series continues to be so popular – especially with Evo owners.

Another popular and competitive form of motorsport that attracts Evo owners is the Arrowpack Eurosaloons championship. This article previews a full season comprising 16 rounds over eight weekends.
Evolution USA
This issue’s letter from America tells the story of Brian Simmonds’ 222,000km Evo VIII that gets used for everything: Drag Racing, Autocross, shows and even the daily commute. The Silver Bullet.
Evolution Thailand
Sawasdee Cub! Our quarterly fix of news and views from the Evolution Thailand Club. It’s Evolution Life Jim, but not as we know it!
Evolution Life
Life with an Evo is never dull. Find out what’s been happening in each of the MLR regions.
Alter Evo
Our regular look at what else is ‘Evo’. This time it’s footware that takes the spotlight, with Vivobarefoot’s original barefoot performance shoe.
No Mish Mash
The final feature in Issue five takes a look at the Mishimoto Evolution X. Designed to be a track-ready show car, it also, provides a mobile shop front for Mishimoto’s products.s