Time Attack

ISSUE 17: April - June 2016

The latest issue of Evolution Magazine comes packed with reports, the customary mix of highly tuned Evos and in-depth guides for you to get your teeth into.

We’ve put together a brief summary of the content you’ll find in issue seventeen below, though you can of course download the full magazine in digital format by following this link - click here.

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A round up of the latest Evo-related news, covering new products, services and lots of other interesting stuff.

American Express
An in depth look at this issue's cover star. A complete build for Time Attack events, Car Shows and Tuner Shootouts.
Tokyo Auto Salon
Always a spectacular event, with over 325,000 people attending over three days, this years show boasted eight massive halls of exhibits.

SEMA & Autosport
While Tokyo has the Auto Salon, the UK has the Autosport International, and the US has SEMA. The Evo is a common sight at these events and we'll show you what you may have missed - unless you were there of course!

Blue Thunder
We catch up again with the AP-Tuning Evo, its been three years since we last saw it and its continued to evolve as new products and ideas have come to the market.

RB's Five
Richard Burn's Evo V - a true 'mint' example. We'd like to thank Richard Shepard and the Richard Burns Foundation for making this feature possible.
Force Of Nature
Renowned Evo tuner garage G-Force of Yokohama Japan is at it again. This time with a 2005 Lancer Evolution IX Time Attack car.
Ten Tenths
Little did we know thats in the early 2000's we'd lit the blue fuse paper for something so big! We take a look back at how far the MLRSS has come.
4 The Fun Of It!
The search was on for a new rally car, something to stand out from the rest - an Evo 4 it was!
Time Attack Preview
Its that time (to attack) again, entering into its 11th consecutive season we take a look at what we've got coming up this year.
ME Rallysport
The opening round of the MSA BRC could not have gone better for Colwyn Bay's Matt Edwards as he took a commanding class victory in his Evo IX GT.
MML Sports
A pair of solid podium results at the end of February has kick-started the rally season for MML Sports.

In August 2009 while driving home Sue and Jason Leach spotted an Evo on the back of a low loader. Their bank balance was never going to be the same again...

Evolution Life
A round up of events and news from across the country by forum members.