Time Attack

Evo 10 XSmall

ISSUE 13: April - June 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Evolution Magazine. Once again, we get behind the scenes of recent car-builds, report from a whole range of events that have taken place in the past few months and cram in loads of Evo-related news, stories and features - all accompanied by great photos.

By scrolling through the contents list below you’ll see a brief description of each article that appears in the magazine. If you would like to see even more of the mag, then you can download it in digital format here.

A round-up of the latest news, covering new products, services, events and other Evo-related items.

Top 3
The first of the breed are often considered the best of the breed - this rings true for this issues cover star.
The Tokyo Toy Shop
The annual Tokyo auto salon always provides a great display of modified cars, parts booths and companion girls.
Noughts 'N' Xs
To celebrate their big 40th birthday, MMUK have built a special limited edition Evo
CAT Driver Training
Some simple thoughts to help keep you safe on your first wet track day.
Brazilian Special X
MML Sports has developed and implemented a special edition Evo for the Brazilian importer.
Red Mist
When Richard's brother left his Evo 6 with him while he was on his honeymoon - he knew it was the start of a romance for him too.
Running Strong
RS Evos in any models are a rare sight in Japan. MLR forum member Michal Hostynski shows us his example.
MLRSS Pembrey
The new MLR Sprint Series season kicks off with a new venue and a new format!

MML Sports
The 21/22 February saaw a superb start to the season for MML Sports and Team Kibos.

Britcar Trophy
A great start to the season at Silverstone, for the debut of the Tolman Motorsport developed and run Evo9 of Gary Furst.
Evolution Life
A round-up of what’s been happening in the Mitsubishi Lancer Register regions around the UK.
Alter Evo
Endeavour's Evo Series One touch sensitive keyboard review.