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ISSUE 12: January - March 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Evolution Magazine. Once again, we get behind the scenes of recent car-builds, report from a whole range of events that have taken place in the past few months and cram in loads of Evo-related news, stories and features - all accompanied by great photos.

By scrolling through the contents list below you’ll see a brief description of each article that appears in the magazine. If you would like to see even more of the mag, then you can download it in digital format here.


A round-up of the latest news, covering new products, services, events and other Evo-related items.

Showtime Competition
Win a set of new PiAA Hyper Plus Bulbs.
Showtime Evo Ahoy
See the transformation of a Standard Evo 9 FQ-340 bought back in 2006.
Showtime Barnsley Bullet
Anthony Lidster's red Evo 6 is locally known as the Barnsely Bullet, read all about how it came about.
Showtime CAT Driver Training
Tyres and Geo for track days.
Showtime Form & FUNCTIXN
Choosing a new car is no easy task, so much to consider, but its great when you get it right!
Showtime Respect is Earned
My story so far, from a self-confessed 'average' evo enthusiast.
Showtime MLRSS Snetterton
Round up from the Pace Ward MLR Sprint Series Round 7.
Showtime MLRSS Cars & Drivers
A quick recap of all the drivers and their cars who made the 2014 Sprint Series so successful.

Evo Nats
1,300 kilometers from home - the 8th EvoNats in Brisbane.

Showtime Time Attack
Round 6 at Brands Hatch round up.
Showtime MML Sports
May the fourths be with you. 4th Place results for cars prepared and run by MML Sports.
Showtime UK Evo Wedding
Let down by her original booking, this bride in distress posted a request for help - and it all ended happily ever after!
Showtime Evolution Life
A round-up of what’s been happening in the Mitsubishi Lancer Register regions around the UK.