Time Attack

ISSUE 1: April - June 2012

Here’s what’s inside issue 1 of evolution – the first edition of the new-look magazine that brings you nothing but pure Evo. By scrolling through the contents list below you’ll see a brief description of each article that appears in this inaugural publication.

Please note that it is not our intention to publish evolution as an e-zine on this website. Therefore, if you would like to see more please visit our back issues page for more details.


Evo 9orn (cover story)
When Jon Truman bought his Evo IX, he decided to something completely different. Welcome to a big slice of Evo porn…

A round-up of the latest Evo-related news, covering new products, services and other interesting stuff.

MML Sports Profile
There’s only one company that can lay claim to having been the official Mitsubishi World Rally Team. Read how the operation has evolved to embrace a new chapter in its lifespan.

Double Jeopardy
A tale of what to do when you turn your road car – in this case a TM edition – into a track weapon and then need something else for the daily commute and shopping.
Pace Ward have worked alongside Evo owners for over a decade. Here Jeremy Ward talks Evo and provides updates and information about the world of insurance.
Silverstone Sprint
A full report from the day when the Mitsubishi Lancer Register Sprint Series went to Silverstone’s Stowe circuit.

30 – 130
Described as a ‘real world’ test, 30-130 has become the benchmark for measuring true performance. This article explains how this event came about in 2005 and how things have progressed since.

A technical journey through the Evolution transmission system, acknowledged as one of the most advanced ever fitted to a road-going saloon car.

Brands Hatch
One of the UK’s best-loved circuits and a host of Evos. What’s not to like?

Hunk of Burnin’ Love
Aside from quoting the title of an Elvis song, this six-page feature tells the story of Donald McCaskill’s unusual, home-built, hill climb Evolution V.

Time Attack
A preview of the 2012 Time Attack series and how Evos have been the dominate force in this popular championship for serious tuners.

SuperPro Bushes
Proof that the fitting of SuperPro polyurethane bushes can make a big difference to how a car performs and feels – and how to fit them.

Rolling Thunder
Engine Dynometers - AKA Rolling Roads – are an invaluable piece of klt for tuners and engine builders – and those that like to talk about BHP figures! Here’s what happened when a few Evo owners went to Indigo GT for a tune-up.

MML Sports
A report on what the former works Mitsubishi World Rally team had been doing thus far in 2012, with news of developments with its WRC cars and new R4 Evo X machines.

Jack Frost Stages
Stuart Bate describes how he took the plunge and went rallying for the first time, starting with the Jack Frost Stages at Croft Circuit.
Euro Saloons
An update on the Arrowpack Euro Saloons Championship, with a focus on the Evo competitors – of course!
Drag Racing
The Pro Street Drag Series was conceived a few years ago for ‘standard’ cars and runs exclusively at the Shakespeare County Raceway in Warwickshire – and it’s ideal for Evos!
What’s coming up for the rest of the year, nationally and regionally.
Evolution Life
A summary of what’s been happening in each of the MLR regions.
Alter Evo
There’s lots of stuff now branded ‘Evo’. In each issue we take a look at what else carries this much-revered label – some things more worthy than others. This time it’s the ultra-rare Honda Fireblade Evolution. Is it worthy? We think so.